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You have the opportunity to help and become a part of these changes by becoming a member of the Kentucky Medical Equipment Suppliers Association (KMESA). I know the question you are asking right now is, how can KMESA help my company in the future and how has KMESA helped me in the past? Let me point out a few ways of how KMESA has helped your company in the past:

1. KMESA got the regulation passed which exempted you from having to pay sales tax on most all prescribed DME. That is 6% of your gross sales. Our yearly dues are only a fraction of what you can save every month. 

2. We Lobbied our U.S. Congressman and Senators in Kentucky last year and got all but one of them to support and pass a bill that will give you back six months of Medicare income you were losing. (With your support and voice, we will work to secure a more favorable fee schedule.)

3. KMESA meets quarterly with all of the state and private Medicaid’s to resolve policy and reimbursement issues.

4. KMESA worked with the state and Humana to reinforce the ANY WILLING PROVIDER law to prevent Humana from revoking all your provider numbers which Humana tried to do. Also, we were able to get new, better fee schedule contracts available.

5. KMESA got passed the DME license regulation which reduced the number of out of state providers and finally provided us a seat and voice on the Kentucky Medical Advisory Council. (We still need to do more work to strengthen these regulations.)

6. And much, much more

 How is KMESA going to help you in the FUTURE?

1. Annual KMESA education and Product Convention (this year it is on August 29th & 30th)

2. Proposed regional mini meetings throughout the state on specific topics to help your day to day operations.

3. Dedicated committee to work with Medicaid to prevent or reduce proposed cuts to the allowable fee schedules.

4. Support local and national lobbying efforts to change OBAMACARE and CMS’s allowable fee schedule and regulations 

5. Dedicated committee to work with Anthem and Humana in Kentucky to help resolve the policy and fee schedule issues. 

6. Q&A forum on our website for members only where other members help answer your questions

7. And much, much more 

Why should you join and support the efforts of KMESA? Because we saved you $1000’s every year and provide the unified voice to help bring about positive changes. How can you join KMESA? 

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Our industry is facing many challenges this year and KMESA has been working hard with our congressional leaders to make changes to the drastic cuts Medicare has imposed upon us that began January 1, 2016.  It is important that our industry unite and work together


As the Executive Director I am here to help you with your industry issues.  That is a benefit of being a member of KMESA.


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If paying by check please make check payable to:  KMESA.

Please mail or fax completed registration & payment to:

KMESA, c/o Teresa Lynne Aldridge – Executive Director

124 Old US 68 - Campbellsville, KY 42718

FAX:  (270)469-1392.

Please call me if any questions or concerns:  (270)849-8991  – Teresa

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